Chicago City Clerk Anna ValenciaAs Chicago’s City Clerk, I am responsible for overseeing one of the largest offices in the City of Chicago that interacts with over a million residents every single year. When I was sworn-in on January 25, 2017, I made it my mission to help create more access to city services not just for the 1.2 million people that interact with our office every year but also for the 2.7 million residents of our City. That’s why I am proud to partner with Mayor Emanuel to create and run the Chicago Municipal ID program that will offer Chicago residents the option to get a government-issued ID.

In mid-September we announced, that the Municipal ID will not just be a government-issued form of identification but can also be used as your Chicago library card and Chicago transit card. For Chicago’s Adult learners, this is an exciting development as it reduces barriers not only to get a valid government ID but also to create access to Chicago Public Library’s vast network of libraries and online resources.

This card will be available to all Chicago residents regardless of prison record, gender designation or housing or immigration status. Much like the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition’s commitment to helping refugees feel at home in their community, the Municipal ID program is committed to making sure that all Chicagoan’s can access the many great things Chicago has to offer where this City is a new home or one that their family has called home for generations.

The goal of the Municipal ID-card is to create more access for all of our City’s residents – whether it’s riding the El, checking out a book at the library or needing to show ID to get into a school. It’s an indicator that we are all part of one community and that we are all Chicagoans.

We have found that the best policy is made from the ground up. This program has been developed by the people and for the people through community roundtables, meetings with advocates, nonprofits, and legal experts. We’d love to hear your input too. If you’d like to learn more about the Municipal ID or to sign-up for periodic updates on the program, please visit our website. You can also follow us on social media @ChiCityClerk. We look forward to hearing from you and creating a program that’s inclusive of all Chicagoans.

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